Michigan's Premier Bail Bond Agency

Lucas Bail Bonds has executing bail bonds in Michigan since 1998. Professionalism, Promptness, and Discretion has been their Motivation and Drive while Creating Michigan's Premier Bail Bond Agency.


Lucas Spoor

General Agent

Lucas has been in the bail bonds business in Michigan since 1998. He is a former County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Gerard Spoor

Bail Agent

Dr. Gerard Spoor is not only a bail bondsman, but is also a Spiritual Leader as a Pastor of a local church.

Jim Hitzler

Bail Bondsman

Jim has been with Lucas Bail Bonds for 8 years now and is alway “Jimmy on the spot”. He is always ready and willing to help out in the time of need.

Scott VanderKolk

Bail Bondsman

Scott VanderKolk helps out when other agents are not available or on vacation. Even as a part time bail bond agent, he is very verse in the industry.

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The Lucas Guarantee

The agents of Lucas Bail Bonds have been writing bonds since 1998. We’ve succeeded where many have failed because of our focus on always being professional, discrete and timely with everything we do.